Course Regulations

1 Purpose
The purpose of these regulations is to ensure water conservation rules, cleanliness and order on the training ground (throwing range).

2 Validity
The Regulations relating to the throwing range (training area) remains valid indefinitely after the signing by the Board. It can be adapted at any time to new requirements by the Board (in their absence by the groundsman.)

3 Access
The throwing range is located in a water protection zone. Access to the training area by motor vehicles requires an authorization by the municipality of Zeiningen. Therefore, all motor vehicles (including mopeds, motorcycles and scooters) must be parked on the public car park in Zeiningen (see Map)

4 Construction and demolition
The strongest risk for groundwater comes from the infiltration of hazardous liquids, especially during the construction or decommissioning phase of the training area. Therefore, particular attention must be payed to compliance with the protection by compliant use of materials and substances. Any possible contaminants used and their amounts must be documented by the groundskeeper.

5 Material storage
The material stockpile (wood chips, spare Targets, etc.) may not contain any hazardous materials that could negatively affect the groundwater.

6 Training Area
For the Training area, Axe stump, wood chip floor covering, etc.) only untreated or pre-approved materials that will not damage the water protection zones may be used.

7 Training Area Rules
The training site of “Doppelaxtwerfer Zeiningen” may only be used for its intended purpose. The safety and water protection regulations must be observed at all times.
Mobile installations (for example, tables, benches, etc.) have to be stored away after training.

8 Cleanliness
The entire training course, the surrounding area and infrastructure must be kept clean during training, and the area must be left clean after training. Waste and cigarette butts must be disposed of in a correct manner.
The responsible groundskeeper is empowered to issue appropriate instructions and enforce cleanliness. He can assign members to cleaning tasks.

9 Ban on pollutants
It is prohibited by law, to bring along substances that can contaminate the water, or similar through percolating through the ground. Also, depositing or discharging such substances (for example Washing water, paint, oils, vegetable or wood preservatives, fertilizers, etc.) is prohibited as these create a real risk of water contamination.
The sanitary facilities of the sports club must therefore mandatory be used.
When in doubt, the groundskeeper, who must be knowledgeable with the legal provisions, makes the final decision.